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What are Casino Odds and How to Calculate Them

What are Casino Odds and How to Calculate Them

Successful gambling never runs on chance. If you seek to score a big hand at any casino then you must learn to strategize your game rather than floating on pure luck. To win something out of a casino, you practically have to beat it first. However, this isn’t a smooth-sailing task. Any game that dwells in a casino is designed in such an order that it serves a significant edge to the house (casino). To summarize it all, you must equip yourself with apt knowledge to beat the house advantage. 

Meaning and Relevance of Odds Calculation

As we have pointed out earlier in this guide, you can’t hope to win anything at a casino if you utilize pure force of luck. You need to devise a thorough strategy to go home rich and that’s exactly where odds calculation come into the picture. This technique is nothing but predicting the chance of victory at a given game in a casino. To elaborate on this, the essence of any casino strategy lies in measuring the odds. 

This technique might sound a bit ironic or say contradictory as one isn’t supposed to bank on chance in a live casino, but this method focuses on calculating the chance. However, both the above-described cases are vastly different from one another. If you play by luck, then you are practically making no effort in securing a win. You are just hoping to get a lucky shot. 

In the calculation scenario, the scene is quite different. You are making an attempt to calculate what the casino will throw at you and how you can earn something out of it. Odds calculation require you to precisely understand the game you are indulged in and play your moves in a planned order. Any casino game, be it poker, blackjack, slots, can be manipulated in favour of the player as long as the player predicts the odds correctly. What combination will come next, how high the bet will go, how much you should bet, are some of the many areas of odds calculation. 

Methods of Calculating Casino Odds

Although every casino game flaunts a method of its own, the broad category of calculation has only two members. In this guide, we will focus on those broad categories only. Fractional odds and percentages are the two formal ways of measuring the probability. These two techniques aren’t that different from one another. Both these ways focus on delivering some form of concrete information regarding the game to the players. The only noticeable difference is the form in which that information is expressed.

Fractional Odds

These are conveyed in the fraction form like 1/10, 1/5. Fractional odds display the wagered the amount and the expected win. In our given examples (1/10, 1/5), the numerator is the amount that needs to be wagered and the denominator indicates the winning amount. So, if you bet 1 dollar, you can expect a win of 10 dollars.

It basically explains the betting structure of a game. How much you will win against a wagered bet amount. 

Percentage Odds

This one is the percentage extension of the fractional odds method. Under this one, the odds that were expressed as fractions are further converted in percentage form.

The conversion is not a complex procedure. A simple formula can do the trick which goes like – Probability (%)=B/(A+B), in the fractional odds A and B are numerator and denominator.

Three way Craps

Three way Craps

One of the most exciting and vibrant games that can be found on both the land and online casino forum is the game of craps. What makes this game special is the fact that it allows the players to experience a lot of table action coupled with a wide array of betting options and an astounding set of payouts. When three bets are combined into one, the game is called the three ways crap. The game offers the players a chance to bet three numbers at the same time. The two, three, thirteen can be covered at the same time on the table by the players.

What makes the game of craps special and sort after is the fact that it provides all the odds and payouts that it guarantees, and the same can be collected. The unique bet is similar to the other bets that are placed in the game as it is a one-roll bet. The goal of the game is to acquire the numbers two, three and twelve as the roll outcome. The bet is lost if any other number other than the prescribed number comes as the outcome of the roll. If there is an advised amount to play the game, for instance, if 1$ is the minimum bet around, then, the player should offer three dollars so as to fill the three spots on the table. There are no restrictions whatsoever on the amount the players can bet, but the minimum a player should bet is in multiples of three.

The odds for the player to win are very low in the case of one throw bets. The house edges that are present in the games are not too high. One factor to keep in mind is that, like any other casino game, the higher the odds mean, the higher the payouts. To further understand the working of the game, analyze the following situation. If a player makes a bet and the number garnered from the roll is two, the payout ratio the player receives is 30:1. The said turnout will indicate that the stakes on the numbers three and twelve will be lost. The same proportion will be the output if the generated number from the roll is twelve instead of the two while making two and three to be missed. The difference arises in the case when the generated number is three. If this is the case, then the payout will be only half, that is; 15:1.

Introduction to 90 ball bingo

Introduction to 90 ball bingo

The bingo fanatics will be very familiar with the fact that when playing bingo online, there are a lot of benefits. They are provided with a wide array of game variations that the players can choose. The 90 ball version of the bingo is one of the most sorts after and popular game in available game variations of bingo. To play this variation of bingo, the player will have to play with multiple cards. Furthermore, the players are required to purchase a strip of tickets. These strips of tickets are usually found to contain six cards.

Even though these strips of cards have nine columns, it does not have nine numbers in each. The cards will have five figures, and the rest of the four digits will be left blank. The cards are designed to have the five numbers available to be different. The ultimate goal of the game is to get all the numbers aligned to form the desired pattern which will fetch you a payout.

The game offers many ways by which the players can generate maximum fun and excitement out of it. There are prize games which are variable in nature. For instance, the amount of the payout will, to an extent dependent upon the number of players that are playing the game and the number of cards that have been activated. Another form of the game is the prized games which are fixed. Contrary to the variable prize games, the fixed prize games do not change its payout with regards to the number of players nor to the number of cards that are being activated. Instead, the payout of each game will be fixed regardless. The third and final variety is jackpot games. The jackpot games are top-rated primarily due to the fact that it provides impressive payouts. To win a jackpot 90 ball game, players must complete a coverall in a set amount of balls drawn.

Only by completing one of three patterns can a player claim a win in the 90 ball bingo. To do so, they must get a single line across the card, two lines across the cards or a full house. All these methods will provide the players with abundant payouts and acts as a forum for the players to get many wins in their pockets to brag about.

The 90 ball bingo is known to be most popular amongst the players in the United Kingdom. Due to the increasing popularity of the game, it is now being featured in international online casinos and bingo rooms.

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