One of the most exciting and vibrant games that can be found on both the land and online casino forum is the game of craps. What makes this game special is the fact that it allows the players to experience a lot of table action coupled with a wide array of betting options and an astounding set of payouts. When three bets are combined into one, the game is called the three ways crap. The game offers the players a chance to bet three numbers at the same time. The two, three, thirteen can be covered at the same time on the table by the players.

What makes the game of craps special and sort after is the fact that it provides all the odds and payouts that it guarantees, and the same can be collected. The unique bet is similar to the other bets that are placed in the game as it is a one-roll bet. The goal of the game is to acquire the numbers two, three and twelve as the roll outcome. The bet is lost if any other number other than the prescribed number comes as the outcome of the roll. If there is an advised amount to play the game, for instance, if 1$ is the minimum bet around, then, the player should offer three dollars so as to fill the three spots on the table. There are no restrictions whatsoever on the amount the players can bet, but the minimum a player should bet is in multiples of three.

The odds for the player to win are very low in the case of one throw bets. The house edges that are present in the games are not too high. One factor to keep in mind is that, like any other casino game, the higher the odds mean, the higher the payouts. To further understand the working of the game, analyze the following situation. If a player makes a bet and the number garnered from the roll is two, the payout ratio the player receives is 30:1. The said turnout will indicate that the stakes on the numbers three and twelve will be lost. The same proportion will be the output if the generated number from the roll is twelve instead of the two while making two and three to be missed. The difference arises in the case when the generated number is three. If this is the case, then the payout will be only half, that is; 15:1.